Jamun Can Control Diabetes

Jamun Can Control Diabetes


  1. Rajesh shukla says:

    This is good article .but I think jamaun is tremendous tree which is benefited in lot of diseases.jamun bark,seeds,leaves and sirika are using in whole india. I think jamun is more benefited in diabetics along with more and more herbs like as gudmar,arjun,methi,dalchini,panneer phool,bael,karela,kutki,amla,bhi amla,karaj,aam mazza,haldi,vijaysar,gurch,sadabharphool,neem, and more herbs also,.I think take this herbs under the consult of ayurvedic drs and vaid and select the dosages and control diet.so I think this is very effective herbs in diabetics.herbs are benefited in lot of diseases and safe also.but used under the consult of ayurvedic drs and vaidyas.

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