How do you brush your teeth?

How do you brush your teeth?


  1. Declan says:

    What comes to mind when you think of the color yellow? You pbaorbly think “bright,” or “sunny,” or maybe even “cheery.” Did you know that yellow just so happens to be the color of normal, healthy teeth, too? Thank goodness it’s not the traditional color yellow, but a much more subtle hue along the lines of ivory. You see, natural tooth color is produced from within the tooth, and if teeth are healthy there is a slight yellow cast to them which is fine and is pretty much unnoticeable. But that is definitely not the case should your teeth become stained. The most common teeth stains are caused by food and beverage (and tobacco, too, but that will be discussed another time), and are a deep yellow-brown color. Not too attractive. The good news is that these stains can be prevented if we know what foods and drinks cause staining, and how to minimize the risk. The following is a list of teeth-staining offenders: Wine: Red wine is known to stain teeth from the tannins and chromogens (compounds that are changed into pigment) it contains. Tea: Black tea, more specifically. Black tea contains tannins which promotes stains. It even causes worse stains than coffee. (Yes, you read that correctly.) That’s because coffee is chromogen-rich but very low on tannins. Cola: Cola is chromogen-rich and acidic. The acid opens the pores of the tooth’s enamel which in turn makes staining easier. Chromogen-rich and acid – not a good combination at all. Berries: You name the berry and it will cause staining – juice, too. Sauces: Deeply colored sauces such as tomato, soy, and curry are believed to have the potential for significant staining. Sweets: Chewing gum, popsicles, hard candies, and other sugary sweets contain colorings that can stain teeth. Think about suckers: If your tongue can become the color of the sucker, so can your teeth. Now that we know what causes staining, what can we do to prevent it? If coffee, tea, and wine are an absolute must, swallow the liquid promptly. Swallowing without delay is believed to protect teeth from staining, but take time to chew food thoroughly to avoid gulping and possibly choking. While drinking colas or other colored beverages consider sipping them through straws. Then when possible, swish with water after consuming a stain-promoting food or beverage. While these suggestions may help prevent staining, nothing takes the place of good oral hygiene. So remember to brush your teeth and floss twice daily to keep your ivories looking…ivory.

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